Psalm 1:3 paints a picture of a tree planted by the waters representing a person rooted in Christ, which allows for true prosperity, success, and flourishing.

bean-seeds_shutterstock_57850783AGE STAGES

SEEDS: Infant-1 yr (yellow/heaven)

SPROUTS: 2-3yrs (black/sin)

STEMS: 4-6yrs (red/blood)

TREES: 7-9yrs (white/clean heart)

FRUITS: 10-13 yrs (green/ born again)

Each Age Stage represents a tree in the many stages of growth. The colors associated with each stage will allow your child to know who their teacher is, but also has a purpose for curriculum. The colors represent aspects of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. From heaven, sin, the blood, a clean heart, to being born again, the children go through the whole Gospel story in an in-depth, creative, educational, and Spirit-filled way. The desire is that as the children go from GRACEKids to Grace Generation (and beyond) that they are fully equipped trees bearing fruit.

For further integration at home, each lesson will be connected to the main Sunday teachings. Additional training material will also be posted on the website.